The St. Vincent's Parish Rewards is designed to benefit the school, its school families and the local businesses who participate.  Most businesses are parishioner or alumni owned.

When you patronize any of the businesses in the program, they will make a donation to St.Vincent and you receive a tuition credit.  THERE IS NO COST TO YOU FOR USING THE PROGRAM AND anyone can participate.

Think about using Parish Rewards when you go to a orthodontist, purchase a home or car, plan a big party, or are doing a home remodeling project.  You can also use the program for mortgage refinancing, purchasing a boat, motorcycle, or air conditioner, or simply going to the dentist or eye doctor.  You receive 50% of the vendor's donation for your purchase.  This money is placed in your account so that you (or another student) receives for tuition credits.at ST. VINCENT'S, BISHOP DWENGER or an ACCREDITED COLLEGE.  Click on the Benefits for specific details on how your purchases can make money for your family.

Get others involved to help your family and get more tuition credits. 

GRANDPARENTS (or friends and relatives) can purchase through the program and direct the tuition credits (at St. Vincents, Dwenger or a accredited college) to their grandchildren!  Remember, the higher the purchase amount, the more tuition savings your family will see by getting tuition credits.

Look at the list of companies who participate and you will be surprised to see how much we have to offer!


When you support these businesses they give back to St. Vincent's School.


St. Vincent dePaul School

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