Here’s how Parish Rewards works .....

When you decide to purchase goods and/or services from any participating Parish Rewards company, 

just take an official Parish Rewards form with you. Click on Form for instructions and to print a blank form.  Complete brochures; with vendor lists and offers are also available in the church and school offices. 

It's simple to use .....  just present your form at time of purchase!

Call the vendor and get a price for the item or service you wish to purchase, complete the Parish Rewards form and present it to the vendor at time of purchase. You make your payment directly with the vendor.

It's as easy as 1...2...3!

1) Review the brochure or the website for purchase requirements such as minimum purchase.

2) Present the Parish Rewards form AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE or contract signing 

      and make sure both you and the participating business have completed the form.

3) Get two copies of the form, keep one for your records, and mail the other to St. Vincent’s School, 

      so we can check  with the vendor about their donation.  The vendor will send a copy of the form to 

      St. Vincent’s School along with their donation.

You will receive a statement in May listing you tuition credit(s) 

for the next school year.  This amount will appear on your 

June tuition statement as a reduction in tuition for your family. 

Note:  For college students, checks are made payable 

to the college/university and will be mailed to you. 

Friends & Family Can Help You Generate Money

Friends and family are welcome to participate in the program. Just give them the Parish Rewards form to use when making their purchase. They can designate the profit from their purchase to any child’s tuition, 

like a grand child or friend, or they can donate directly to the church or school.  

Get others involved to help you and to support the school, at no cost

GRANDPARENTS can purchase through the program and direct the tuition credits 

(at St. Vincents, Dwenger or a accredited college) to their grandchildren!


For more information:

For more information about the program, please call the school

Development Office at 489-3537 ext. 247, or e-mail