Why should you participate in Parish Rewards?

Parish Rewards is an innovative program designed to benefit the school, the church, and the community.  When you make a qualifying purchase from any participating business, they will make a donation to St. Vincent. 50% of the donation is used by the school to support various school needs and programs. 

The remaining 50% of the donation can be directed by you, the purchaser, to any of the following options:

(1)   Tuition credit: for any student currently enrolled at ST. VINCENT'S, BISHOP DWENGER OR AN ACCREDITED COLLEGE. This could be for your own child, a grandchild or a family friend. 

(2)   Future Tuition credit: for any child who will attend St. Vincent's in the future.  You can start building up tuition credit years before a child actually enrolls at St. Vincent! All accumulated credit will be applied toward his/her first year’s tuition.

(3)   Church: donation will be used to support vital parish programs.

(4)   School: donation will be used to help fund programs that will benefit all students at St. Vincent.

(5)   General Tuition Assistance: donation will be used to help various families who qualify for financial aid at St. Vincent.

(6)   Religious Education fees: for any student who will be enrolled next year in Religious Ed classes here at St. Vincent.